Sunday, March 13, 2016

Good times in Spiritual Life

Srimathe Ramanujaya Nama:

Priya arangan adiyar,

The fog of winter is at its thickest. The darkness of the night appears to have done the brightness of the day for good. As comrades, the fog and night have proclaimed their victory over all universe.
In that moment of victory, the flag of solitude has been raised on every tower. The grand highways fade into memory and go out of sight. No one knows which way one goes, or who else is there.
This melancholy sight is too much to bear. How much patience and will, limited as they are, can be summoned in the wake of such overwhelming gloom! The lamp is flickering with its last drops of oil. It is not clear how long it will hold. Its range is short, and every shrinking.
Then there is a sudden surprise, a suddenness bearing the signature of the divinity in nature.
The first rays of the sun of spring burst forth from the horizon. The paths present their borders. The fog runs like a man gone broke. The first flower of spring begins to bud. The birds of spring begin singing sweet melodies. They announce the arrival of the grand season with all its beauty and hope. The redness of the dawn sky proclaims the love of the sun to gladden the earth and bring upon it all color and life.
Hanuman (Thiruvadi), whose Jayanthi was celebrated recently, is the first ray of the Sun of Raghava announcing the good days to come to Sita. The gloom of Ravana and the pessimism of demonesses fade away. The lonely voice of Trijata sounds louder and more meaningful than ever. The signet ring (kanai aazhi) is the first bloom of spring. The land of danger is going to change into the land of wonder for the good Vibhishana will rule.
Change is near! Joy is to come!
We hear the announcement of this spring every day as Hanuman sanctifies the spring (Vasanta Nagar) of Srirangam in the Kanaiyazhi Anjaneyar Koil. Srimaan Trust has taken the responsibility to perform justice to the celebration of this spring of our spiritual lives.
The trust performs Purusha Sukta homam at this temple all through the week, while also performing Sri Sukta homam on Fridays and Sudarsana homam on Saturdays.
Hanuman symbolizes the spiritual awakening of the soul. He is the herald proclaiming the victory of the Lord over the darkness of ignorance and hopelessness. He is flag of success crowning the victory of Krishna and Arjuna over the misdemeanours of unrighteousness. We invite all of you to join us in the sustained worship of this immense spiritual figure.
The photos of our activities at this temple can be viewed at this

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