Tuesday, March 22, 2016


Srimathe Ramanujaya Nama:

Priya arangan adiyar,


Madurai Jegannathan Bagawathar:

Officially   Known  as  Sri . S. Jegannath, M.A, M.Phil, P.hD   is an Assistant Professor of  Tamil in the Madura College, Madurai.  He has learnt Kalakshepam  from  Madurai.  Arangarajan  Swamy for 8 years. He is highly  qualified  in  conventional  education and  sampradhayam .  He dedicates his week ends   and free time for Upanyasams  and  Kalakshepams.


Madhavan – srimaan bhattar gurukulam student

Madhavan is a resident of  Srimaan  Bhattar  Gurukulam  for 6 years. He has completed   X std in  conventional  education  with  flying  colours  and is blossoming as a  budding  star  in Upanyasams.  He   Performed the series of  Upanyasam in this  Margazhi  Organised  by our trust.  His proficiency in  pramaanams  is indeed a living proof  for the quality of our Gurukulam.  He hails from Thirucherai.  He is excelling in Aagamam.

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