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Srimathe Ramanujaya Nama:

Priya arangan adiyar,

Nowadays, the world is very fast-paced in which we have very limited time to give attention to certain fundamental aspects of life. The quest of our life is not just academic excellence and achievements in career. Education without values rather turns man into a devil. With an intention to offer value based education for children, a spiritual camp, absolutely free for all, was organized by out trust at Srirangam and Thuraiyur., from 25th Dec 2015 to 1st Jan. 2016. Around 500 children participated.

The camp is aimed at the following motives:-
  • Teach children to respect parents, teachers and elders
  • Enlighten children about righteous path (dharma)
  • Inculcating values, morals and discipline among children
  • Make the children understand the benefits of following our tradition
  • Provide opportunity for children to use their vacation time productively

The inaugural function of the camp was held on 25th December 2015. The inaugural function at Srirangam was presided over by SriVaishnavaSri Sri U.Ve Krishnamachari Swamy, Sri U.Ve Parasara Azhagiyasinga Bhattar Swamy The camp was inaugurated at Thuraiyur by Sri U.Ve Periyanambi Sundararajan Swamy and Sri U.Ve. Elayavilli Kannan Swamy and East Renga matriculation school HM Sri Saivaraj. The theme of this camp was based on showing respect and devotion towards parents, teachers, elders and God. Following is a glimpse of the camp activities.

The photos can be viewed at:

Matru devo bhava - Show respect to mother
The children were taught about personalities who attained great position in life by respecting their mother. The children performed pada puja for their mother.

Pitru devo bhava - Show respect to father

The children learned about role models in our scriptures who were known for respecting their father. The children paid respect to their father by performing pada puja.

Acharya devo bhava- Show respect to teacher

It is very imperative to be devoted to our teachers who impart us knowledge. The children venerated their teachers (Acharyas) by performing pada puja

Athithi devo bhava - Show respect to elders (guests)

The children learnt that they show reverence to the guests who come to their home. They performed pada puja for guests who arrived at the camp.

Deva devo bhava - Show respect to God

The children learnt the stories of great personalities who were immensely devoted to God I their lives. Being inspired by their life stories, the children offered their obeisance to Emperuman by decorating the idol of their deities (deity alankaram).

There were several activities and contests as a part of the camp. Some of them are listed below.

Role play

Role play is a short skit like activity where children enact a short sequence. The children get into the character being portrayed and use it to reflect on and develop their knowledge of a topic. There was also a role play competition.

Still competition

In this contest, the children depict certain scene or event through some still posture. The team which depicts the event clearly would win the contest. Here are some pictures.


If learning is merely through books, its application becomes questionable. Learning can be enhanced through projects and activities. So the children also made projects during the camp to display what they had learnt.

Veedhi Pradakshinam

The students learnt to chant Thiruppavai during the camp. They chanted these hymns and circumambulated the Chithra veedhi in Srirangam. Even the children at Thuraiyur did Veedhi pradakshinam. Here are some pictures.

Alankaram Competition

Valedictory function

On the concluding day of the camp, i.e., on 1st January 2016, various cultural programmes were performed by the students at Srirangam and Thuraiyur. The function at Srirangam was presided over by Sri U.Ve Periyanambi Sundararajan Swamy, Sri U.Ve Raghunathan Swamy, Sri U.Ve Parasara Azhagiyasinga Bhattar Swamy and Sri K.N.Srinivasan. The Headmaster of Chowdambika school, Thuraiyur was the chief guest for the valedictory function held at Thuraiyur. The students performed dance, mime play, music and various other activities.

Like the previous years, even this spiritual camp has been organized free of cost for children from all walks of life irrespective of gender, caste, creed or religion. Several parents and students were inspired by this camp and appreciated this effort. Such an initiative has been possible due to the support of donors and well-wishers like you.

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