Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Bhagavad Ramanujar Vaibhavam

Srimathe Ramanujaya Nama:
Priya arangan adiyar,

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Thursday, June 23, 2016

Blindfolded - III (Final)




We also met the more reticent S...suffice to say, his daughter now lives happily in The US.  Pointing to an almost immobile old-n-blind 70+old, Kannan says, "I recently married his daughter" - and with a shy smile adds, "...looking for a house...for her”!

We quiz Kannan as to how he manages the expenses.  Half-smilingly he replies... "it is a daily challenge; local marriage halls and some good samaritans offer leftover food, some people also give us money when they visit this place..."

We look at him with our breath drawn in....and he continues....

"Sometime back I bought a scrapped auto-body from a roadside shop and got it running. This vehicle is like my right hand. Some of the able bodied people go out in this vehicle and sing in public places. Others make agarbathis which some of them go to the streets and sell"..."We use the vehicle to pick up clothes or leftover-food from near and far places....you just have to give me a call".

​Our volunteer with Mr Kannan of Krish Kaakum Karangal ( right hand corner) .
( An account written by one of the volunteers of Srimaan Trust who visited the home and interviewed Mr.Kannan, a noble soul running an orphnanage. Please check earlier mails for the previous posts in this series)

231, South Uttara Street, Srirangam
Trichy 620 006, Tamil Nadu
Ph 09150403470, 09150403471

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Blindfolded - II




On 22 March 2016, at the behest of the founder Acharya of Srimaan Trust, we visited the 'blind people's hostel' - as the locals call this place.

Almost 25km south of Srirangam, they are housed in "KrishKaakkumKarangal" (Krish The Saviour Arms - a raw translation), a small house rented for Rs.2500 per month with a thatched roofed hut extension into the nearby road.

As we sit under the ceiling fan in one corner of the hut, we find that the inmates are a heterogeneous group - men, women, a couple of children, some mentally challenged, some unable to move their arms and legs, including 3 who we found needed help even to attend their call of nature, many blind. 

The only common thread that seems to 'unite' the 22 women and 26 men here is 'social-rejection'.  Kannan said he had picked most of them from the streets, abandoned by their kin.

The curious inmate J introduced himself as being from Srirangam, his brother's family no longer wanting to look after him - since 3 months.  Pointing to the lady with an 8 year-old daughter, he said, she was abandoned by her husband, and now lives in the 'hostel', helping with cooking, bathing the inmates and such service. The saving grace is that her daughter is in school.

He adds with great relief in his face, "...here we get food twice a day...if possible we do some help with cooking, washing, caring..., those who can't just sleep in peace".

(…………………….continued )

(An account written by one of the volunteers of Srimaan Trust who visited the home and interviewed Mr.Kannan, a noble soul running an orphnanage. Please check earlier mails for the previous posts in this series)

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Blindfolded - I

Srimate ramanujaya nama:

Priya arangan adiyar,

As most of us are too engrossed with our day to day challenges in life, we seldom notice how people with disabilities grapple with the challenges posed by life. Please read the following to take stock of the world situation outside and show gratitude to the Supreme and all fellow beings for keeping us in the state we are.

“My father was brought to a bus-station, when he was just 16 years old and abandoned there, because his parents could not give enough care for a blind son!

Life unfolded in different ways...he shared a number of tales of sorrow and good moments from his life...until he left my mother and me, while i was 13!

I studied in a local orphanage and completed my ITI....all of 16, it was time to set foot in the world outside; i had to decide 'how' i could make a living in a world that was full of darkness for my parents !
I decided to look Life in its "eyes" and light a lamp to chase the darkness away....from many others' lives!”

The above his life story was related to us by Kannan with the least bitterness. When asked why he had printed on his card the photo of a woman who had lifted the downtrodden and lepers from the gutters of Kolkata, he replied that she is his idol.

This is the life of Kannan, son of Krishnan, now aged 25, running an orphanage.
(………………..to be continued )

(An account written by one of the volunteers of Srimaan Trust who visited the home and interviewed Mr Kannan)

Thursday, June 9, 2016

The nectar of Rama Bhakti

Srimathe Ramanujaya Nama:

Priya arangan adiyars,

Our age oscillates between the frustration born out of excessive indulgence in worldly affairs, and the stagnation born out of a misguided renunciation. To remove the darkness of this age, Svami Ramanuja taught the deep secret of Vedanta which is Bhakti to redeem the people. Bhakti is the loving service of the Supreme Person (Paramapurusha) through all means available to the soul. Bhakti is the fruit of the Lord’s activity itself. It is created and nurtured by the waters of His auspicious attributes (Kalyana Guna). It is to display that the Lord incarnates and drenches His devotees in the waters of His Kalyana Gunas which in-turn lead to the inculcation of Bhakti.  Lord Rama is an excellent example of His incarnation where He won over the hearts of all people by simply displaying His auspicious qualities. We see that even His sworn enemies like Ravana praise His qualities. Such was His influence that He easily aroused Bhakti in several devotees. Sri Ramayana itself is called ‘Floodwater of Bhakti’ or bhakti-vellam by Thiruvarangaththu Amudhanar.

Lord Rama’s qualities have held their impact into Kali Yuga. Across the length and breadth of the country, several saints have emerged in different times captivated by the auspicious glories of Lord Rama.

Through the grace of Lord Rama, who walked the expanse of this country, Sri Ramayana is now walking the expanse of the world through the Sri Ramayana Contest conducted by Srimaan Trust. Spanning ten (10) countries including the UK, Australia and the USA, the Contest was conducted both inside and outside India. Over fifty thousand
​ (50,000) students
participated at
​450 centres in Bharat(India) only​
. Many students scored excellent scores and tie-breakers had to be used to resolve the proficient performance. Transcending language, the Contest was conducted in s
languages like English, Tamizh, Hindi, Telugu
​, Malyalam and Kannadam.​

The promise of Brahma echoes in our ears,

yāvat sthāsyanti girayaḥ yāvat saritaśca mahītale |
tāvad-rāmāyaṇakathā lokeṣu pracariṣyati ||

"As long as the mountains stand and so long as the rivers run on this great earth, the legend of Sri Ramayana will nourish all the worlds (with Bhakti)."

Global Level Sri Ramayana Contest @Abudhabi-8.2.16

Global level Sri Ramayana Contest @Vijay vidhyalaya - Dharmapuri-22.1.16

Global level Sri Ramayana Contest @Kerala schools-- 28.1.16

Global level Sri Ramayana Contest @Pondicherry--12.1.16

Global level Sri Ramayana Contest @SriPerambathur-9.2.16

Global level Sri Ramayana Contest @Kelaku renga school Srirangam-8.2.16

Global level Sri Ramayana Contest @Vignesh sri renga-Srirangam-11.12.15

Global level Sri Ramayana Contest @Sowdambika school Thuraiyur-12.12.15

Global level Sri Ramayana Contest @Amirta school Woraiyur-7.1.16

Global level Sri Ramayana Contest @Mahatma gandhi school Trichy-12.12.15 

Global level Sri Ramayana Contest @Mam school Siruganur-7.12.15

Global level Sri Ramayana Contest @ Cauvery global school trichy-21.1.16

Global level Sri Ramayana Contest @Vignesh Vidhayalaya Koothur-29.1.16

Monday, June 6, 2016

Auspicious Durmuki & Annual Diary

Srimate Ramanujaya Nama:

Priya arangan adiyar,

We’ve stepped into the Durmukhi year on the 14th of April 2016.

The mere reading of the word “Durmukhi” gives an impression of inauspiciousness due to the usage of “Dur” in it. But the actual import of the word is exactly the opposite.

 “Durmukha” (Horse) denotes none other than the compassionate and ultimate knowledge, education, intelligence and  good memory endowing deity Shri Hayagreeva. The entire year is under the aegis and control of our beloved Lord Hayagreeva.

This year is another significant year in the chapter of Srimaan Trust. Lot of divine activities are ready for execution and some are in the pipeline. The Grace of the Divine Couples coupled with the Mangalasasanams of you will surely make this a useful, efficient and effective year in “Serving the Lord through His adiyars”.

The annual Info Diary of the current year is printed and  ready for utilization. Following are the features of this year’s diary :

  • Complete utsava details of Srirangam + details of utsavams of other Divya Desams. (all in pictorial form for easy viewing).
  • Panchanga details.
  • Areawise 106 Divya-Desa Travel Planner (Maps with kilometers &  hours of travel, available contacts at each kshetra)
  • Advertisements in the Diary are extremely relevant (Cabs, catering etc).
  • All the activities of our Trust are depicted pictorially.    

Cost of the Diary is Rs.50 per copy.

It is our ardent request to buy as many diaries as possible and gift them to people on all occasions. A divine gift is always better than a costly one.

ever-in-divine service,
kainkarya sree,
Srimaan Trust
231, South Uttara Street, Srirangam
Trichy 620 006, Tamil Nadu
Ph 09150403470, 09150403471