Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Spiritual Sprouts

Srimate ramanujaya nama:

Priya arangan adiyar,

The Spiritual preceptor, Universal Guru and our Compassionate mentor Bagavad Ramanuja saved people from the clutches of the venomous  serpant-samsaram , by making them realize the eternal relationship between the self and the Supreme.  This realization will lead to attachment (Bhakti)  at the Holy Lotus Feet of Lord Sriman Narayana and thereby paving  way to attain HIM and serve him in his absolute abode Paramapadam.  This is called Sri Ramanuja’s Truth (Faith).

Our Spiritual preceptor wanted each and every soul of this universe to understand and attain Lord. Hence, Swamy appointed the mighty son of Swamy Koorathazwan (kuresa) ie., Sri Parasara Bhattar to carry forward this Truth to the future generations.

This year is marked as the millennium year of Swamy Ramanuja. In this propitious year, it is delightful to see a group of children sprouting in Bhakti and Gnyanam in a small town in Andhra Pradesh called “Beemavaram”.  It is also astonishing to see that these children have been fed with absolute truth by a devoted couple and their team under the aegis of their Guru and our Founder Acharya  sri Parasara Badri Narayana Bhattar,  descendant of Sri Parasara Bhattar, who was blessed by Bagavad Ramanuja to take care of the posterity.

This group named as “Srimaan Bhattar Kuzham” just started as  small  sprouts last year and has grown to a small plant this year and will definitely become a huge tree in the forthcoming years. This is the greatest evidence to show how strongly and accurately Bagavad Ramanuja envisioned the globe after 1000 years.

You can have a look at the children spiritedly doing Harikatha on Ramanuja vaibavam and chanting hymns about swamy and other acharyas.

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