Friday, November 4, 2016

Deepavali 2016 Celebration

Srimathe Ramanujaya Nama:
Priya arangan adiyars,

Srimad Bhagavada puranam, which tastefully sings about the leelas of Lord Krshna, at the start of Skandam-6, relates the story of one "Ajamila".

'Ajamilan', was born in a good family, but by his past Karma, circumstances contrived to make him lead a life of in disciple and uncouthness.  He had several children, but the last one who he named ‘Narayanan’, he had great fondness for. Ajamilan was bed-ridden and knew that his end had come.  He could see the ‘demons’ coming to take him away!   Out of fear and distress, he called out for his pet-son - ”Na…raa…ya..naaa”.   The boy heard him but could not be disturbed from the game he was playing with his friends! Lord Narayana, counted Ajamila’s call as ‘surrender’ at His Lotus Feet – and sent the Vishnu-parshadas to retrieve Ajamila from the Yama-parshadas.

The Lord’s Daya, Kshama and Karunya flow thus, without reason, even to the otherwise most Undeserving Soul !

On 27 October 2016, our volunteers went to to the Housing Board colony where about 50 families of visually challenged people live, with gifts of Sarees, Pant-bits and Sweets-n-savories for Deepavali, just like in the past few years.

While on one hand, the Joy of Giving overwhelmed us, on the other, one was forced to ask “why me?” …. Why has the Lord blessed us with a perfect body and mind while that is not the case with several others!?!

What singles us out in His eyes - to receive this Grace ?!?

There is no answer but to realize He is ‘Avyaja Karuna Murthy’ – his Kindness towards us brooks No Reason. (hence memories of the Ajamila-story !)

Distributed deepavali sweet and savory packets (Prasadham of koorathazhwan) to all students and teachers of South Renga Middle School, East Renga Middle School, Aranganayaki Primary School.The Headmistress and Teachers thanked the trust for its Continuous service to provide Prasadhams Every Year.

Distributed deepavali Sweet and savories Packets to all students and teachers of Acharyah School for Leaders. The specialty of the sweet is it was prepared at the madapalli and offered to Azhwan. So all got prasadams and blessings of Azhwan.

The Spirit of the volunteers and the Gurukulam children in contribution to the kainkaryam can never be captured by words! The dress and prasadam were distributed to the children of gurukulam, the teachers of gurukulam and the teachers of extra curricular activities. The events at gurukulam were held in Conjunctions with the parents-teachers meeting.

Srimaan Trust's service to humanity in spiritual ways is ceaseless. As usual this year also Srimaan Trust arranged to issue Sweet and Savory pockets to Blind men and women association. 50 members given dress and savories. Their joy shone in their innocent smile.

Srimaan Trust got blessed to serve on deepavalli festival the madapalli kainkaryaparas of chola nadu divya desams including Srirangam. Also the other kainkaryaparas of Srirangam temple were offered for deepavali festival. Vasthrams, sweets, sambavanai were offered to all before deepavali who expressed their surprise and pleasure to receive them. We do pray Sriranganatha to bless us with more kainkaryam of helping the kainkaryaparas in more occasions.

On the occasion of Deepavalli, Srimaan Trust had its plans of spreading Sweetness. Sweets and Savouries were prepared and offered to Lord Narasimha and Sri Koorathazhwan at Swami Koorathazhwan Sannidhi. Prasadams sincerely packed and distributed to roadside pavement dwellers by the volunteers. We always wonder how these people dwell in such spaces.

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